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file management system helps organizations do away with mundane paperwork and focus on building a sustainable business model. Clutter was never characteristic of a good management practice. Efficiency is best embodied in the principle of ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’. For that, organizations must deploy electronic document management. It’s easy, efficient, and saves organizations valuable time having to search and sift through hundreds of files. Sectors such as insurance, banking, legal, IT, and supply chain end up gathering truckloads of paperwork. Processing this paperwork is what makes for an efficient system. Processed data is in fact Big Data that has been graphically represented and is fit for analysis. Predictive analysis stems from graphics and is useful in forecasting and building contingency plans. The best business models are those that recognize and embrace future requirements of the firm while providing for their current requirements. Capturing, processing, managing and securing documents become easy when done using online document management systems. Maintaining paper documents is a risk that can cost organizations dearly in terms of money as well as opportunities. Have the same management system be adopted online and the scalability feature increases manifold. The Aberdeen March 2012 report on document management listed various reasons why organizations would invest in online file management system. Of those surveyed, 48% belonging to the banking sector cited time to use and process documents as a major factor in choosing software solutions. 37% believed that the sheer volume of data was difficult to manage, and 33% expressed security, audit trail, and compliance issues as being the deciding factors in choosing online file management systems. 27% of the respondents belonging to the insurance sector were optimistic of the fact that processed data or Big Data would help them make better business decisions.


file management systems deploy a central database that actually helps resolve the issue of accessibility a great deal. Any employee with due approval can access documents from anywhere. This in effect saves considerable time and energy, what with the time spent taking formal approval and then, having to contact the concerned person before finally getting the document in your hands. Basically, electronic documentation makes life easy.


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